Monday, 21 December 2009

My sore face

A snowy day
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I think it has to do with the nasty cold weather but my face and body are awfully itchy and sore at the moment and that is making me really miserable. Mummy spends all her time putting different creams on me. It takes so long and annoys me. Why can't I just have skin like my brother and sisters? Mummy says I will grow out of the eczema one day but I can't remember a time when it wasn't sore - well except when we were in the sun in Italy...

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A real allosaurus

Léon loves dinosaurs
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I was in the bath tonight with mummy playing with my raptor and my allosaurus toys. I just said to her - I think it is time I saw a real allosaurus. I want to see what colour it is. Can we go and see a real allosaurus? She said they were all dead! Now, I completely understand why they'd all have died off in Scotland with that horrible cold and rain but I don't see why she won't take me to Italy, where it is nice and sunny to see some real ones.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Big chives, mum!

Big chives, mum!
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Yesterday Thomas and I were gardening. He said it was time to bring in the food left in the vegetable patch. He dug these up. They have look like chives and smell like chives but they have to be the biggest chives I've ever seen! Wow.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

What kind of baby?

in a lego car
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I was in the bath last night with mum and I was thinking about the baby she is having. So I asked her: What kind of baby do you think we'll get this time mum? Do you think we'll get one with pink skin like me, or a browner, more sun-tanned one, or even one of those ones with black sun-tanned skin? I told her it might be nice to get a brown one this time, because then it wouldn't need to go to Italy to get a suntan like me but mummy said we were going to get another pink one. I wonder why we always get pink ones?

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

We went to the Flicks

Pumpa took me & Anna to the pictures yestertime .,., at his house !
We saw a picture all about rats and it was very noisy !!
I think Granny said it was called Ratatouille or something.
It was all about a rat that could cook .,., and he became a famous chef ....
I watched some of it standing upside down on my head on Granny's couch.
Charlotte & Marcel came later and saw a wee bit at the end .,.,
Pumpa said I could see it again another day if I wanted :0)

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Dinosaur biscuits

Dinosaur biscuits
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Today Lots helped me to make dinosaur biscuits using Thomas's Danish cookie recipe. After they cooled down we got to draw on them using icing pens. That was great fun and so yummy!

Friday, 23 October 2009

My pyjamas

Cosy pyjamas
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Mummy and Thomas are trying to teach Anna to poo in the toilet. After our bath Anna pooed in the toilet like usual. She went through to the dining room and then shouted she needed to poo again so Thomas put her back on the toilet. She pooed a second time in the toilet. Mummy said she was very proud of her because she has pooed in the toilet all week now.
Then Thomas put on my pyjamas. He asked if I had farted. That's a bit funny because I hadn't farted. I asked if Thomas had farted but he said no too. So what was the smell? We didn't know. Thomas was about to take me to brush my teeth when he noticed there was a tiny poo stuck to my pyjama sleeve. I suppose Anna must have pooed a third time after she pooed in the toilet the first time, before she pooed in the toilet the second time when my pyjamas were lying on the dining room floor after our bath! I'm not sure Mummy should be quite so proud of her after all.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Mummy and Bits

Anna and I
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Today mummy let me take a photo for the very first time. She told me I had to leave the camera on the picnic bench and press the black button. She didn't seem too happy when I tried to pick it up and put it round my neck. I think it is a good photo of mummy and Bits.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

I'm 4 now

Tuesday was a very exciting day. I got a cake and lots of presents and at nursery I had to wear the birthday hat with candles on. When Thomas gave me the cake he had baked, everyone sang me a nice song. It is nice being 4.

At weekend they took me to the beach to celebrate my birthday because they knew I was going to go to nursery on my birthday. Everyone seemed to think it was a bit cold for the beach but I had a great time!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Scotland gives you spots

River trip
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Mum and Thomas took us all to Italy for two weeks.

I liked that a lot.

I shouted 'Hi' to everybody, until I learned to shout 'Ciao' instead. People liked that a lot.

They shouted 'Ciao bello' and 'Ciao Leone' to me. Instead of 'Hi Five' they said 'Cinque'.

I also liked the heat and the sun a lot. And the ice cream.

But the best thing was that my spots disappeared.

As soon as we came back to Scotland, my spots came back, too. :-(

I want to move to Italy, because living in Scotland gives you spots!

Monday, 17 August 2009


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Two weeks ago Mummy and Thomas took me on a plane (Anna thought it was called a tractor!) to Italy. The first thing they took me to see was a very squinty tower. I liked it very much. I think it is called the Squinty Tower of Pisa.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Bouncing Léon
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On Sunday I went to Emma's birthday party and she had a bouncy castle. I really love bouncing in bouncy castles.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Guineapig watching

guineapig watching
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Today we went to one of my favourite parks: Calderglen in East Kilbride. I like the big slides and the sandpit and I like the little zoo. I saw 2 baby meerkats cuddling their mummy and daddy and mum said it was a shame she didn't have the camera with her and I saw some guineapigs that looked delicious. I told Thomas it would be nice to try barbecued guineapig and for some reason all the ladies that were looking at the guineapigs at the same time as us started to laugh a lot. Weird!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A fun idea? Maybe not.

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Today Mummy was working on her computer and Thomas was upstairs working too. Bits and I had a good idea for a game so we went through to the downstairs bathroom together. I got Bits to give me a toilet roll and I took the paper off it while she collected 3 other empty toilet roll holders from the shelf. I put one down the toilet, then some paper, then a second tube and some more toilet roll and finally the third tube and the rest of the paper. I tried the flusher and it didn't work. Wow, we'd managed what we set out to do, we'd actually managed to block the toilet.
We ran through to mum and said 'Come and see! Come and see! It works!' Mum followed us through and we proudly showed her what we'd done. But mummy didn't look pleased, mummy looked quite angry... So angry in fact that I stopped smiling and walked through to the porch and put myself in time-out. I heard mummy struggling to fish out all the paper using an old chop stick and filling nearly a whole ASDA bag. Mummy didn't stop shouting all the time she was fishing. I went through and took it to the bin for her and said sorry and tried to explain that we were just trying to see if we could stop the flusher working.
I don't think Bits and I should do that again :-(

Friday, 22 May 2009


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Thomas can be quite strange at times. For the last week he's been taking out little packets he bought at B&Q that are full of seeds to plant. For some reason Thomas thinks the seeds are frogs. He tells me to dig holes in the ground and put in frogs, he tells me to fill trays with soil and bury the frogs. I know they aren't frogs but it seems to keep Thomas happy if I play along and call them frogs so he understands... whatever!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Blue monkey killer

Monkey in Blue
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Mummy and Thomas are moving their bedroom into our old dining room. Granny and Pumpa came to decorate. When Mummy took off the skirting she got a big shock when a mouse came out from a hole under the floor. If we are going to sleep here, she said, we need to get some mouse killer first. We went to B&Q and we went to a bit I've never seen before - they had mouse killer and rat killer and slug killer and spider and wasp killer. There were lots of killer bottles. I noticed though that there was no Blue monkey killer. I shouted to mummy - Mummy why don't they sell Blue monkey kille? All the ladies and men in the shop started to laugh and speak to mum saying I was a very nice boy. I'm not sure why they found that so funny because there really wasn't any Blue monkey killer.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Thomas and Mummy

Thomas and I
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I'm not sure I really understand adults. Last week Thomas told me to be careful of an old, green potato because it was poisonous. Now he tells me he's all excited because he's going to poison mummy on Saturday somewhere in Glasgow. I told him to be careful and cut off the green bits but he just wandered off muttering something about giving eachother a new ring. Weird...

Monday, 2 February 2009

My snowman

Léon's snowman
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I woke up early this morning to find it had SNOWED! Mum didn't let me go out till about 9am. It was torture. And once we got out it started snowing so heavily we had to come back in for 20 minutes. Once we got out I helped mum build this snowman and I got him a carrot out the fridge for his nose. Some cars were blocking the road so we couldn't go to nursery. When Charlotte came home we made two more snowmen but mum made us come in when it got dark. It was very cold but great fun. Even Bits came out and watched.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Hide and seek

wee men
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Today Gordy and I went to Granny's house. We decided it would be fun to play hide and seek. We both ran upstairs and into the back bedroom. I climbed under the duvet on the big bed, Gordy then climbed under the duvet beside me. We'd found a great hiding place and hiding together was fun. I waited for ages for Gordy to find me and he lay quietly beside me waiting for me to find him. What a fun game!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Sick kids

Future photographers
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I have been off nursery for a whole week. I was hot and vomiting all last weekend. Mum had to get up and look after me during the night on both Friday and Saturday because I was so hot. She thought I had a vomiting bug but when we went to see the doctor on Monday, it turned out both Bits and I needed antibiotics. She had a chest infection and I had a throat infection... or was it the other way round? On Monday night mum had to stay up again because Bits was too hot. I slept for a few days and even yesterday I was still getting up very late - nearly 11am. Today I went back to nursery because I was much better.
Yesterday Gordy came to see me. I hadn't seen him for 2 weeks and I wondered why. He looked funny when he came over... all crusty and spotty. It turns out he's been off nursery too with chicken pox. I'll be ok because I had that last year but Anna might still get it off him because she was playing with him 2 days before he got his spots.

Scone party

Scone party
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Today Lots and I made scones and afterwards we had a little tea party. It was just like a scone picnic only indoors. I liked it very much. We had to hurry and choose our scones because Bits had already bitten 3 of them while Thomas was making the coffees!