Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A fun idea? Maybe not.

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Today Mummy was working on her computer and Thomas was upstairs working too. Bits and I had a good idea for a game so we went through to the downstairs bathroom together. I got Bits to give me a toilet roll and I took the paper off it while she collected 3 other empty toilet roll holders from the shelf. I put one down the toilet, then some paper, then a second tube and some more toilet roll and finally the third tube and the rest of the paper. I tried the flusher and it didn't work. Wow, we'd managed what we set out to do, we'd actually managed to block the toilet.
We ran through to mum and said 'Come and see! Come and see! It works!' Mum followed us through and we proudly showed her what we'd done. But mummy didn't look pleased, mummy looked quite angry... So angry in fact that I stopped smiling and walked through to the porch and put myself in time-out. I heard mummy struggling to fish out all the paper using an old chop stick and filling nearly a whole ASDA bag. Mummy didn't stop shouting all the time she was fishing. I went through and took it to the bin for her and said sorry and tried to explain that we were just trying to see if we could stop the flusher working.
I don't think Bits and I should do that again :-(