Sunday, 25 October 2009

Dinosaur biscuits

Dinosaur biscuits
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Today Lots helped me to make dinosaur biscuits using Thomas's Danish cookie recipe. After they cooled down we got to draw on them using icing pens. That was great fun and so yummy!

Friday, 23 October 2009

My pyjamas

Cosy pyjamas
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Mummy and Thomas are trying to teach Anna to poo in the toilet. After our bath Anna pooed in the toilet like usual. She went through to the dining room and then shouted she needed to poo again so Thomas put her back on the toilet. She pooed a second time in the toilet. Mummy said she was very proud of her because she has pooed in the toilet all week now.
Then Thomas put on my pyjamas. He asked if I had farted. That's a bit funny because I hadn't farted. I asked if Thomas had farted but he said no too. So what was the smell? We didn't know. Thomas was about to take me to brush my teeth when he noticed there was a tiny poo stuck to my pyjama sleeve. I suppose Anna must have pooed a third time after she pooed in the toilet the first time, before she pooed in the toilet the second time when my pyjamas were lying on the dining room floor after our bath! I'm not sure Mummy should be quite so proud of her after all.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Mummy and Bits

Anna and I
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Today mummy let me take a photo for the very first time. She told me I had to leave the camera on the picnic bench and press the black button. She didn't seem too happy when I tried to pick it up and put it round my neck. I think it is a good photo of mummy and Bits.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

I'm 4 now

Tuesday was a very exciting day. I got a cake and lots of presents and at nursery I had to wear the birthday hat with candles on. When Thomas gave me the cake he had baked, everyone sang me a nice song. It is nice being 4.

At weekend they took me to the beach to celebrate my birthday because they knew I was going to go to nursery on my birthday. Everyone seemed to think it was a bit cold for the beach but I had a great time!