Friday, 16 January 2009

Sick kids

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I have been off nursery for a whole week. I was hot and vomiting all last weekend. Mum had to get up and look after me during the night on both Friday and Saturday because I was so hot. She thought I had a vomiting bug but when we went to see the doctor on Monday, it turned out both Bits and I needed antibiotics. She had a chest infection and I had a throat infection... or was it the other way round? On Monday night mum had to stay up again because Bits was too hot. I slept for a few days and even yesterday I was still getting up very late - nearly 11am. Today I went back to nursery because I was much better.
Yesterday Gordy came to see me. I hadn't seen him for 2 weeks and I wondered why. He looked funny when he came over... all crusty and spotty. It turns out he's been off nursery too with chicken pox. I'll be ok because I had that last year but Anna might still get it off him because she was playing with him 2 days before he got his spots.

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