Friday, 24 April 2009

Blue monkey killer

Monkey in Blue
Originally uploaded by Dr Stephen Dann
Mummy and Thomas are moving their bedroom into our old dining room. Granny and Pumpa came to decorate. When Mummy took off the skirting she got a big shock when a mouse came out from a hole under the floor. If we are going to sleep here, she said, we need to get some mouse killer first. We went to B&Q and we went to a bit I've never seen before - they had mouse killer and rat killer and slug killer and spider and wasp killer. There were lots of killer bottles. I noticed though that there was no Blue monkey killer. I shouted to mummy - Mummy why don't they sell Blue monkey kille? All the ladies and men in the shop started to laugh and speak to mum saying I was a very nice boy. I'm not sure why they found that so funny because there really wasn't any Blue monkey killer.

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