Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A real allosaurus

Léon loves dinosaurs
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I was in the bath tonight with mummy playing with my raptor and my allosaurus toys. I just said to her - I think it is time I saw a real allosaurus. I want to see what colour it is. Can we go and see a real allosaurus? She said they were all dead! Now, I completely understand why they'd all have died off in Scotland with that horrible cold and rain but I don't see why she won't take me to Italy, where it is nice and sunny to see some real ones.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Big chives, mum!

Big chives, mum!
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Yesterday Thomas and I were gardening. He said it was time to bring in the food left in the vegetable patch. He dug these up. They have look like chives and smell like chives but they have to be the biggest chives I've ever seen! Wow.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

What kind of baby?

in a lego car
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I was in the bath last night with mum and I was thinking about the baby she is having. So I asked her: What kind of baby do you think we'll get this time mum? Do you think we'll get one with pink skin like me, or a browner, more sun-tanned one, or even one of those ones with black sun-tanned skin? I told her it might be nice to get a brown one this time, because then it wouldn't need to go to Italy to get a suntan like me but mummy said we were going to get another pink one. I wonder why we always get pink ones?

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

We went to the Flicks

Pumpa took me & Anna to the pictures yestertime .,., at his house !
We saw a picture all about rats and it was very noisy !!
I think Granny said it was called Ratatouille or something.
It was all about a rat that could cook .,., and he became a famous chef ....
I watched some of it standing upside down on my head on Granny's couch.
Charlotte & Marcel came later and saw a wee bit at the end .,.,
Pumpa said I could see it again another day if I wanted :0)