Friday, 16 July 2010


Playing 'world cup'
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Mummy took me to the hospital for my 6 monthly spot check-up today. My usual doctor, Dr Mealyea, was on holiday so I saw Dr Gulati instead and a visiting doctor from Ethiopia. Mummy was pleased to see someone new because she thinks it is always good for someone new to have a look at my sore face. These new doctors prescribed new cream for me so we'll need to wait and see how that goes. The cream is only licensed for kids over 12 so I have to use very little of it.
While they were discussing my face spots the doctor noticed I had also been treated with antihistamines for my mild allergies. The doctor asked what I was allergic to and mummy said she didn't know so he arranged an allergy test on the spot for milk, egg and grass as all of these things have given me rashes this summer. A nice nurse put bubbles all up my arm, pricked them and then wrote on my arm. All my allergy tests came back negative so I guess I'm just very sensitive.
I hope I am starting to grow out of these problems at last.

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