Monday, 29 December 2008

A new piano

Elton Gautier
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I got a nice red piano off Santa for Xmas. Mum bought one the same for Gordy. I wonder how she knew to get exactly the same thing...? When I turned mine on the lights flashed but there was no noise. Gordy's worked and it was great fun. Mum said she'd take mine back to the Early Learning Centre and swap it for one that worked. I am beginning to think there is something fishy in this Santa story if the ELC swaps his broken toys...
We went there on Saturday but they had no red pianos left. Mum was about to give up when they noticed they had grand pianos at £5 more so mum paid the difference and I now have a beautiful piano that works, even if I am a bit dubious about the guy in the red coat that brings toys that don't work...

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