Friday, 25 July 2008

THE horse

THE horse
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On Wednesday mum said we were going to the Safari park with Derek, Amanda and Gordy.
When we got to Gordy's house Charlotte and Marcel went away into Derek's car leaving just me, Anna and mummy in the blue car.
I cried all the way to Cumbernauld because I didn't believe mum when she said we were all going away together.
Eventually we got to a safari park and the others suddenly appeared again. That made me much happier.
We had a picnic. Mum gave me some nice baguette and ham and after that I even got crisps, an apple and a smarties cookie - lucky me.
Then we saw some scabby camels, some lazy lions, cute baby ostriches and a few sleepy rhinos.
I liked the sandpit best. I don't think Amanda wanted Bits to get sandy because she held her. She'd probably have eaten it anyway.
Then we went to see the animals we were allowed to touch. This horse sneezed so loudly on Gordy's head, he jumped into his daddy's arms and cried. I bet Gordy can't like horses any more.

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