Friday, 9 May 2008

Sore bits

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I am not having the best of weeks. On Monday the weather was lovely so mum put suntan cream on me to protect my skin. On Tuesday I woke up with a swollen eye so I went to the doctor and he thought I had conjunctivitis. Mummy thought he was talking nonsense so she gave me piriton because she thought I was allergic to something. On Wednesday my eye was puffier and my arms and face were all spotty as if I was allergic to suncream and it had made my eczema come back. All week mum has been giving me piriton, moisturiser and hydrocortisone. Today my arms were so red I was scratching and crying for an hour this morning. I definitely don't think the doctor was right on Monday. I am either allergic to the suncream, or I am allergic to the sun itself :-(

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